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Perez, with Vanish - aim at pulling two shin.

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Perez, with Vanish - aim at pulling two shin.

Beitragvon jorjorbeth » Sa 1. Dez 2018, 21:16


Donald Balan, the media of Spain, stated that Pereira Perez Big Boss Real Madrid is ready to sell Rafael van der Vaan if he has 80 million euros. Rien and Matthews de Ligit represent Vanran.
Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, a big club of Spanish La Liga, is ready to let Rafael van der Vaart leave the team. If you have a proposal of about 80 million euros (about 3,200 million), according to Don Balón, the media of Spain.

Variant has done a great job over the past few seasons. He is the main force in the back panel of the Real Madrid, and has also shown great form with the French national team. The 2018 World Cup.

However, this season's 25-year-old Shin form obviously. After that he often mistakes. The team lost many doors. And that resulted in Perez looking at him as not being able to live longer. By now, there has been a news that Manchester United are interested in grabbing a star perfume blood to join the army.

Don Pablo added that Perez was aiming to grab Milan's cross-country quarterback Inter Milan and Matthias De Liget, a back-up star of Ajax Amsterdam to represent. Variants after both of them made outstanding work.สมัครเล่นออนไลน์
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