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Chelsea take a ride on the full sedan.

Chelsea take a ride on the full sedan.

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The new stream "Sing the Blues" choose a new consultant The Sun to hit the news, Cindan Zidane became a new target after the farewell "White King" no flute, no flute. We have to take the team to replace Antonio Conte.
Chelsea are reportedly aiming for Cindy Zidane to become the new manager afterwards. "Cisse" has shocked the world by telling La Real Madrid that he had just won the Uefa Champions League title. Only three consecutive Champions League games can be won.

The Sun newspaper media reported that the "Sing the Blues" is approaching the legendary gameplay French national footballer 45 years to see if he wants to get a new job right away? After being rebounded, Antonio Conte, out of the chair, was consulted. I know that the Zidane is a must for the team.

However, if the sedan asked for time away from the game. The "blue lion indigo" will be approached by teammate "branded chicken" the 1998 World Cup series of the example of Lobo Blanco after the board of directors threatened to scare the personality that had caused a great conflict. Former Mauricio Sarkozy, former Napoli coach, is reportedly involved. You have to look for alternatives.สมัครเล่นออนไลน์
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