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How to make a slap for the Hi-Lo players will play as often, but for the way to sting the money. It is not everyone who will do it because it will make a money. It depends on many factors, but what is important to help make money from playing Hi-Gclub is that the technical. How to make money. The fun of online slots games is that players can choose from a variety of bets, including slots, slots, high stakes and slots, each with different payouts. get out

How to make money in the past, Hi-Lo is used to listen to the sound when the dealer shakes the dice. But for playing online Roulette players can not do that because the thrust dice to Gclub players must bet before. To shake the dice. So it depends on the formula or technique. How to make money by way of a high stakes to introduce in this article is a sting shot with a pay rate of 5 times by stabbing is to choose the number to bet on two numbers, hoping that the 3 dice. This will be the number of the hole in the hole with a sticky slime.

Step 1 : Watch the game before about 3 - 4 eyes, then notice which points are out most often. Then the anchor points are the main points
Step 2 : After the main points. For example, in the first three eyes, the third point is the most often scored 3 points to be the main point, then take 3 points to hit with other points. The 3, 1, 3, 2, 3, 4, 3, 5, and so on. From the picture to all 12 eyes and 3 points to 9 eyes.

From the example, if you use the method of stabbing a high stool. The player can beat up to 9 eyes ever, which is 90% is considered very high, it is a way to make money. It should be used as a way to make money. This method has been proven. The leader of the game to actually play and can actually make money from playing online casinos of the Gclub, it is quite possible to bet on the Hi-Lo is recommended to work or not depends on the player itself. Can I play the game?ทางเข้า D2BET
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