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'Chanathip' won the MVP for the 2018 season of Con Dao Dolly

'Chanathip' won the MVP for the 2018 season of Con Dao Dolly

Beitragvon jorjorbeth » Di 4. Dez 2018, 14:16


Chanathip Songkasin, Playmaker, Thailand's national team of the Sultanate of Sapporo, won the J-League, winning the 2018's most valuable player of the club after receiving a vote from his team-mates. According to news reports of Nikkan SportsSapporo's No. 18 kickoff is the main force behind the team's second season and has done a fantastic job in this season. In the league to 30 games, 8 goals and 2 assists, and the overall picture of the club this season. Chanathip led the team to finish fourth in the table and have a chance to win tickets to the AFC Champions League playoffs if the Kashima Antlers win the Emperors Cup.And from such excellent work. Thai football team. Nominated for the Player of the Year award. With 11 other teammates: Akito, Fukui Mori, Kazuyuki Fukaki, Ken Touka, Hiroki Miyazaki, Yoshiki Komaki, Kumamori, Ryeowook, Shinoda, Daisuke, Koichi, Yoshi, and Jay Boyd.GentingClub
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