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"Chanath" to wear No. 10 Gameplay for Conan Season

"Chanath" to wear No. 10 Gameplay for Conan Season

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"Jay" Chanathip Songkasin to change the number from 18 to 10 to play for the Sultan Sapporo in the J. League next season, after Hiroyuki Miyazawa, the team captain. This number is given to the user. To be the game of victory for the team. I have to talk to it. According to the source of the news sources in Sapporo Dome.
The source said. Back to the game after the consolation, Sapporo opened the home defeat Vassal Takayama 1-0. On November 4, Hiroyuki Miyazawa decided to go to talk with "Vaishnava. "To give the number 10 to the Thai national team players, but at the time, the playmaker small Thai national team is hesitant. I see that number 18 makes him lucky. In the path to the movie to play. The Japanese league,

but the captain of the team, Connolly looked at the Thai national team to be more appropriate. He decided to hand over the number 10. To the small star. It is a number that the father of the world's favorite song, because he has a passion for Diego Maradona football player Argentina. Be with you

Chanathip has done a fantastic job in the J. League last season. The team has been recognized. Guaranteed by the Mpp Award or Best Player of the Season of Convolvent Sapporo.ไพ่บาคาร่าออนไลน์
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