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Do not underestimate!

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Do not underestimate!

Beitragvon jorjorbeth » Sa 1. Dez 2018, 21:14


Pep Guardiola's top manager Manchester City insist the team develops their next form of play. The latest West Ham United 4-0 victory over the national team is not easy.
Pep Guardiola manager of the City of Manchester City confirmed that their team needs to move forward to continue playing. Even if you continue to keep winning. The latest attack to attack West Ham United 4-0 in the English Premier League on Saturday, November 24 ago.

David Silva shot for Manchester City 1-0 lead from the 11th minute before Raheem Sterling added a 2-0 score at the 19 th minute, then the 34th minute the visitors fled 3-0. It was the first time Zane was in the 90th minute. "The Blues" continue to be unbeaten with 35 points from 13 shots.

"The most dangerous risk is that we believe. We can not do better than this. We can continue to develop. And today it was several beat that we were lucky. There are times when we throw the opportunity away. But to score four goals in this game is very good. "สมัครเล่นออนไลน์
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